Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Not a New Years Resolution but.......

.......I have decided that 2016 will see the end of the current WIPs or UFOs!

I was always a one project (excluding making cards) person apart from putting something to one side while I fulfilled an order.  But the last quarter of 2014 and the whole of 2015 saw me starting so many projects and not finishing them (I even bought Christmas cards for the first time in many years).  On top of that I have masses of fabrics, for patchwork, a Twelve Days of Christmas wall hanging and tons of yarn waiting to be knitted or crocheted.

I also have one project that I started way before 2014 and yet to finish it.  It's a Dimensions Gold cross-stitch kit called The Guardians which is two wolves hiding in trees all in autumnal colours.  My reason for not carrying on with this is that nobody else liked it :(

I am still going to allow myself some new projects to keep my interest but only in between finishing WIPs  So I will be crafting in my craft room during the day making cards and creating scrapbook layouts and at some point will get my sewing machine out for all my fabric projects and then in the evening knitting or crocheting.  I really want to put up a list of things to do but I know that will only send me into a decline when I can see the enormity of the tasks ahead.

Each time I finish one I will post them one here stating which number WIP it is.  Hopefully I'll be able to incorporate them in some challenges

See you soon!!

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