Monday, 12 January 2015

Where oh where.......... *edited*

.........have my photos gone?

I cleared them from my tablet and it looks as though they've been deleted from my blog too :(  I'll have to check out my laptop in my craft room and see if I can restore anything.  It might take some while if I have to add them back into my posts :(  I'll never start back with my paper crafting at this rate!!

I'm slowly updating my pictures but I don't know how far back I'm going to go.  Just going to try and do one months worth each day that I have this laptop on


  1. Oh no! So sorry about that Margaret. Hope you find them soon. Missing your cards!

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I'm hoping to get back to my craft room very soon. I've finished tidying it up after it being a dumping ground for everything that wasn't needed over Christmas and from the spare room when our son and his family came to stay for a week xx