Friday, 23 August 2013

Twit and Twoo

I thought that I would show you my latest makes, two adorable little owls.  They stand 3.5" tall, just right  for sitting in your hand.  I'm going to make some more for Christmas presents with lavender in them.  My daughter has claimed the beige one and she wants some for presents too.  They're great for using up scraps and using all those reclaimed buttons that I have

Sunday, 18 August 2013

A little bit of patchwork

Hi everyone.  Many thanks to those of you who have continued to take a peek at my blog even though I've not been posting.

During my recuperation from my op (which hasn't cured my problem so going back to the doc's this week ) it was easier for me to sew as I wasn't allowed to lift anything for six weeks.  I love patchwork so I decided to make a quilt for our guest bedroom.  I had purchased the fabric earlier in the year so needed to buy the wadding and backing fabric. I was amazed at how expensive it was to buy them both.  Not to be outdone I decided to make the patchwork as a duvet cover.  I bought a plain cream duvet cover and 2 pillowslips from Wilkinson's and took them apart!  I attached the patchwork to the right side of one of the cover pieces and did some top-stitching through both layers of fabric.  I finished off by sewing the remaining piece, right sided together, to the new look quilt front.

To decorate the pillowslips I stitched small squares of the fabrics used into strips.  I undid the pillowslips as I did for the duvet cover and then stitched the strips to the pillow fronts and then put them back together again.  I'm really pleased with the finished 'designer' bedding lol  although hubby isn't so keen.  He can't understand why I didn't just go and buy a bedding set for, probably , about a quarter of the cost of this one.  Including a flat sheet and a pair of pillowslips (left plain) for the bottom pillows it cost me £57.00 

I have bought some more fabric and a plain white bedding set to make another set.  I also have a new single bed duvet cover and pillowslip that was from my Mum's house and as we don't have a single bed I'm going to make that into a duvet set too.  The front and back of the duvet cover are of different fabrics so I'm hoping that I can strip piece it together to make the duvet front