Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My new 'baby'

We've been lucky this year in that some of our frogspawn have reached the froglet stage.  I worry about the poor little things in case they get out of the pond as it's such a big leap for them to get back up there with it being a raised pond.  I keep saying that I'm going to have to put another one in which is ground level and then I can put the spawn in there away from the fish!  We know the fish must have been eating the tadpoles as they've been off their food :(

He's still got a little stump of a tail but it will soon be absorbed back into the body

If you look at a frog from the side you can see that they have beautiful golden eyes.  Unfortunately he moved a fraction before I took the photo

small and perfectly formed

You can see how tiny he is on this photo, less than 1cm long

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  1. Oh, how cute!!! He is really a baby as he has the tail of a tadpool. I hope the fish can´t eat him now. xx Bianca