Thursday, 17 January 2013

And Disaster Strikes!!!!

"Well the weather outside is frightful" as we have the white stuff and it's still coming down, although not very heavy.  I went shopping today as I needed to get a couple of ProMarkers for Elizabeth's wedding stationery and when I got back I could hear a noise like a jet engine starting up, but not quite as loud lol  I followed the noise into the kitchen and it was the boiler!  It really sounded as though it was getting ready to explode so I turned it off.  It started making the noise again when I switched the hot water tap on (it's a combi boiler so heats the water as it's needed) I rang the maintenance people and the earliest someone can come out is Saturday.  It's a good job that we've got a really good gas fire for heating downstairs but I think it will be socks on in bed tonight.  I've tied wool around the hot taps in the bathroom and kitchen to remind us not to use them lol

I hope the trains aren't badly affected as Elizabeth is supposed to be going to Torquay tomorrow afternoon as her goddaughter is getting Christened on Sunday.  If she gets there it's hoped that she can get back home on Monday.


  1. Oh dear Margaret,I do hope your boiler gets fixed soon.....Keep

  2. Sorry to hear about your boiler, hope it gets fixed soon !