Friday, 5 October 2012

What I've been doing....

........ for the last couple of weeks.  I've not made any cards for a week or so but my hands haven't been idle.  I've made a couple of bags, one for my sister's birthday and one for my DiL's  birthday, and a baby jacket.  I've really enjoyed making bags and as much as I would love to make some more I've got no-one to give them to.  I must get back into my cards especially as I've got lots of new goodies, mainly for Christmas cards


  1. Wow, love your bags, fabric is gorgeous and the little baby jacket is sweet. I haven't done any knitting for a while but used to knit for a shop and a designer years ago, loved to try new patterns, this one is very pretty! None of the kids want knitted items, they don't want to be fussed with washing them properly.
    Hugs, Sandy :)

  2. Lovely work, Margaret...I especially love the baby sweater!