Wednesday, 27 June 2012

No Card Today but.......

I've got something else to show you :o)

But first I'll let you know why I've not been making as many cards as normal.  Hubby is off sick from work.  This is his second week and I've got to show a little bit of love and attention instead of locking myself away lol  He has torn his thigh muscle on his right leg and is in a lot of pain and unable to walk properly.  In fact he's using my walking stick!!!  
Come and join the old crocks club lol

We were in the garden today pottering, as you do, when I had to go and get my camera.  So here is the first photo

Can you see what I see?

Maybe you'll see it better here

or here

Isn't he just gorgeous?  We haven't seen him (all frogs are male because of Beatrix Potter's Jeremy Fisher lol) before, I'm sure that I would have remembered his markings.  

We try to name all our frogs based on how they look so this one will be known as Spot from now on. We did have an absolutely enormous frog who is no longer with us r.i.p. who went by the name of Frogzilla!
 Throughout the summer we usually have about 4 frogs in the garden but this spring we had no fewer than 17 in the pond all singing and trying their best to be lucky in love.  We had four lots of frog spawn  with 1,000''s of tadpoles but they all died off :o( so sad.  Maybe Spot liked the garden and pond enough to take up permanent residence.   


  1. My youngest ADORES frogs and toads. She names them also and rescues tons of tadpoles from the pool before we put the chemicals in. Hope your husband heals up real soon! Enjoy the time together Margaret.

  2. Yuk! Sorry Margaret this is one visitor who would most definitely NOT be welcome in my garden - God's creature or not! Viv xx