Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Wonderful Time

We have had a wonderful 2 days with Michael, Aisling and our beautiful granddaughter, Bronwyne. We've been able to do all the lovely things that grannies and grandpas do but, sadly, they're going back home tomorrow.  Bronwyne changes so much between the times that we see her.  She is such a pleasant child considering that her routine has completely  disappeared!  She is a little dare devil with a wicked sense of humour too.  At 10 months old she wants the swing to go higher and higher, while I have a nervous breakdown telling Michael not to push her any higher, and she loves going on slides


  1. Bronwyne is an adorable baby girl. She's gorgeous Margaret xx

  2. Thanks for sharing Margaret. She is gorgeous. We have had 3 of our little ones today and see them most weeks. We miss Kelly-Anne who is almost 6 months now & lives in Germany. We will see her next month and are really looking forward to it.
    I no how you feel Hugs xx Jan

    1. We last saw her in February for her Christening and, hopefully, see her again in a couple of months when it's her 1st birthday

      Margaret xx