Sunday, 4 March 2012

Two Weeks Out of Routine + Photos

Well the past couple of weeks have been up and down!  It started with Adrian coming home from work full of flu'.  Not man-flu but the real McCoy which lost no time at all settling onto his chest.  So we have flu + chest infection + asthma = panic attacks.  Not very good at all but the worst was over by last weekend as the meds took effect.  Unfortunately it meant that he missed Bronwyne's Christening last Sunday.  He did want to go back to work last Monday simply because he doesn't get paid when he's off sick.  Elizabeth and I managed to persuade him that he wasn't well enough.  Us and a couple of coughing fits lol.  Tomorrow we're letting him go back to work :o)  I haven't done any real crafting for the whole of the time Adrian's been off so I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine.  It won't be tomorrow though as I'm meeting up with my sister for lunch, something that we've not done since last summer.

As I said the two weeks were broken up by Bronwyne's Christening so here are a couple of photos.  She has come on in leaps and bounds since we last saw her over the new year period

Happy to see us

With Mummy

With Granny (me) and Auntie Liz

The dress and bonnet are the ones that Michael wore for his Christening

In her party dress 

Playing with her favourite "toy"

A packet of crisps lol  She loves the sound of them when she crunches the packet.
If she ever gets them open I dread to think of the mess they'll make!


  1. Margaret: I love love LOVE the sweater and matching knit bonnet. It's SO vintage and beautiful. What a cutie pie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's nice to know someone gets what I'm saying. I WILL win that prize some day - it's all in God's hands. He has answered other prayers of mine today - PRAISE HIM!!! This one will happen all in His time!
    Thanks again, and enjoy this little precious cutie!

  2. Bianca has left a new comment on your post "Two Weeks Out of Routine + Photos":

    Oh, Bronwyne is so very, very cute! She is looking like a little princes in her christening dress. I love the photo she is smilling on you what a heart warming pick! I really hope Adrian feels better soon. What a shame he will not be payed if he is ill. My husband was at home last week with it seams like the same infection as Adrian but he will get 80% of his money in the first 3 weeks of illness. So that was more easy for him.
    Margaret, there are some photos of Baby Agnes on my blog ;)
    Have a lovely day and a nice time with your sister!

  3. Lovely photos of Bronwyne. She's a little cutie! Sounds like your poor hubby has been through the mill. Hope he's feeling better now. Luv Trish x