Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year Visit

Hubby and I had a very quiet Christmas as the off-spring were both spending the holiday with in-laws. Of course this meant that we had them all for new year, yeyyyyy! The star of the visit was, of course, our gorgeous granddaughter, Bronwyne. I had made her a Christmas stocking as part of her present and couldn't show it on her just in case my son or D-in-L had a look at my blog. So now I can show you :o)

I didn't have a template to do the stocking so I drew a stocking shape on the fabric with a pencil. Once it was made up I decided that the foot should have been straighter to align her name and that I should have moved the image lower down and made some sort of feature around the top of the stocking. Should be able to get it right by the time grandchild number 2 makes an appearance in a few years time lol

I thought that I'd let you see what Bronwyne thought of her stocking

What a rasberry that was!! I think she got everyone within a 3 foot radius .

A nice smile for Granny :o)


  1. Oh, she is sooooo very cute! Unbeliefable she is growing so very fast I can´t belief it!
    I love your stocking looks like you had much hard work with it. I bet Santa had so much presents for Brownwyne that she will ask you for one more stocking next year ;o)
    Margaret, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year! xx Bianca

  2. Oh Margaret, she's gawwwwjus! How adorable, and so is that stocking. Is there no end to your talents? Bet you were thrilled to see her, weren't you?