Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Father's Day Card

At long last I've downloaded some photos to my laptop so I can now share this one with you.  As you can see it's a Father's Day card which I made for my FiL.  Wish I was still able to make a card for my Dad but he passed away 21 years ago.  I miss him all the time and especially now with making a card for Bill.  Anyway, more about the card.

The papers are from a masculine special edition from Making Cards.  They do lovely papers.  I used to subscribe to the magazine but I've got so many papers that I haven't yet used I had to cancel it.  I must learn to use my papers and not just sit and admire and stroke them!!  The toppers are from Kanban.  These were perfect for Bill as he can't go shopping without buying a shirt.  He's got loads that are still in their wrappers, can't leave a bargain on the shelf or hanger lol

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Armed Forces Day

Here in the Uk yesterday was Armed Forces Day and across the country were many celebrations acknowledging the work of our forces past and present.  Adrian and I went to Blackpool yesterday and there were many retired personnel from both World Wars. They have a small shop for Help The Heroes and there are a lot of photographs and memorabilia on permanent display. Outside the Winter Gardens there is a large square which is used for outdoor displays etc.  There was a Spitfire, tanks and other vehicles with people from across the present day forces including a marching band.  It was lovely to see so many people talking to them and children loved being able to see the equipment close up

This photograph was taken at Michael's wedding with his colleagues who had just returned, Michael included, from Afghanistan.  They are all waiting for their next postings which, hopefully, will not require them to go back to Afghanistan for a good while as they have done 3 terms already.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Quick and easy cards

These cards are ones that I made and sold in sets of five and they were A6 in size. 

 The top left in this photo were made by stamping the daisies and putting post-it notes on them, one lined up with the base of the stems and the other approx 1cm below.  I then used Brilliance ink pads to colour the space between them and used the same ink pads to colour the daisies.  I've also done similar cards by stamping the border.  You can get some lovely results using only part of a stamp repeated along the gap. 
 I coloured the cardstock on the top right cards with Brilliance ink pads by dabbing the pad directly onto the the card.  I then cut a strip of paper to us as a border, a good way of using up scraps of  papers, and added a single layer topper. 

The bottom cards were again using the Brilliance ink pads.  This time I stamped the teddy topper, masked it off and then repeatedly stamped the background with a daisy stamp.  The only part of the stamped image that was coloured was the flowers and I used the same colour as the background stamp

These cards were done in the same way as the above cards but using dye based inks as opposed to the Brilliance pads.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

All done

Well all the wedding stuff has been done and the thank you cards have been shipped off to Germany.  Seems a bit daft to send them over when Michael and Aisling will be sending them all back here lol.  They didn't want a pre-worded insert as they want to handwrite each one making them personal.  All that I need to do is to put everything away in the boxes that they should be in.  Must say that I hope that I won't be needing to use raspberry pink ribbon for a while, after using over 75 metres of the stuff I'm all ribboned out :o)

Tomorrow I need to make two sympathy cards as one of my aunts has passed away and a Father's day card for  my FiL.

 I've got some knitting on the go ready for Baby Dando who is due to make an appearance at the end of July.  My son and daughter-in-law have decided to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex.  I'm glad that we didn't have any other option, it was part of the anticipation of waiting for parenthood.

Friday, 10 June 2011


It looks as though normal service may have been restored.  But I'm not counting my chickens (or Jane's lol) too soon.  I have installed Google Chrome and signed in to my Google account there.  Fingers crossed and all that, off to see if I can leave comments etc.  See you later, I hope lol
:o) xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birth sampler

This is a birth sampler for my great niece, Erin who was born last month.  I've still to give her the picture as I haven't been to see her yet.  She'll probably be at school by the time I get there lol,

Would love it if you could leave a comment as I can't post on anyone's blog as yet and I'm feeling all lonely here at Christian Chick Crafts :o(

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A couple of cards

 Adrian brought an order from work for two retirement cards.  Think it's only the second order this year :o(
I don't know how many people will look at this as I still can't upload or pass coments on anyone else's blog.  At best I might get a few followers taking a peek but no "outsiders"
The first one was made using papers from the Making Cards Summer Special and is a copy of one of the designs featured
 Close up of the decoupage
 This one is using background papers from a Crafter's Companion cd, cat is a NitWit decoupage and the patchwork was made using squares scrap papers stuck on to thin card and cut using Spellbinders Label #8 on the Cuttlebug.  Added faux stitching to finish.  Not very neat stitching, I must invest in some stitching stamps

Close up of the decoupage and stitching

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Hi there!  Is anyone else still having trouble leaving comments and uploading cards for challenges?  It's beginning to annoy me now, I want to get back into my crafting and showing my creations but I've got no mojo and entering challenges usually inspires e to get my stash out.

Anyway "ho-hum" as Eeyore would say, things will turn out ok in the end, I've just not got any patience at the moment and I'm flitting between projects instead of completing them before starting on something new

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

No joy

I see that there is no improvement on the service from Blogger.  There I was, looking forward to rejoining my friends on here and it all goes pear shaped

Oh well, maybe it will be back to normal soon  :o)