Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year and all systems go!

I hope that all my blogging buddies (sounds a bit naughty lol as though I'm cursing you all) are having a good start to 2011

I've been a bit lax in my visits to my blog since Michael and Aisling announced their engagement, their getting married and the prescence of baby Dando although it is early days as yet. I'm meeting myself coming back as I want to do everything all at once!! They have chosen the design of the wedding stationery and we're using a picture of their hands showing Aisling's engagement ring and will be using a similar image but showing their wedding rings for the thank you cards. The favour designs have also been picked . I've also said that I will make a ring pillow. I'm crocheting a baby blanket and I've started knitting a Christening shawl. I know that there isn't any urgency about the blanket and shawl and I should be doing the stationery and the ring pillow first before anything else!

Also my neice's baby is due the same week as the wedding and I wanted to do a birth sampler for her too

So much to do so I must be sensible and prioritise my projects. Sounds good lol, let's see if I can manage it all.

Forgive me if I'm absent and I will try and keep you uptodate with how I'm getting on :o)