Saturday, 3 December 2011

Smiley face but no cards

today I finished the cross-stitch on my project.  Unfortunately I still have the back stitch to do.  Normally I don't mind it but anyone who has stitched a Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear) will know what a nightmare it is to do.  There are so many stitches that need to be done into the centre of a cross it is better to use a sharp sewing needle rather than a tapestry needle.  But it will be worth it when it's finished.

On the down side, Adrian, Elizabeth and I went out to eat tonight.  Adrian had just finished his meal, Elizabeth was nearly finished and I pushed my plate away.  I have never felt so ill so suddenly before.  Apparently the colour just drained from my face.  Each time I stood up I had to sit down again before I passed out!!  Eventually made it to the car and by the time we got home I was feeling almost normal.  I asked if we could go back so that I could finish my steak, which was absolutely gorgeous, but they both gave me what I can only describe as "a look".  Don't know why it happened, we were having such a really good time, but at least I'm ok now.  Think I'll have a nice hot chocolate before I go to bed mmmmm!

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  1. Very strange, have you had you had your sugar levels checked? Did I tell you before my OH is an Adrian too? Anyway hope you find out why you were ill so suddenly like that,