Thursday, 22 December 2011


All my cards are done and delivered (or should be if Royal Mail has done its job). I'll try to get some decent photos of the cards that I made for Adrian and Elizabeth tomorrow, the light hasn't been too good for photos this week, or when it has been ok I've not been in to take the photos. I've run out of wrapping paper so I'll have to get some more tomorrow so I can finish it all.

It will be strange to celebrate Christmas on our own this year, first time since 1981. Michael is staying with his in-laws and Elizabeth has gone to her boyfriends parents. They will all be with us from the 29th and over the New Year. They made the arrangements between them so that they would see each other too. I suppose that it will be reversed next year and we'll have them over Christmas. Adrian's Dad has gone to a hotel for over Christmas so we won't be seeing him either, but no doubt Adrian's brother will pop round for an hour or so before lunch.

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  1. Hi, thought I would pop over and wish you a joyous Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and all the best for 2012. Wow, hasn't this year just flown by?
    Still have a few things to do and it's turned out this year that none of our kids will be here for lunch but all coming in the evening. Still have to cook though, Mum and my sister and two of her children will be here for lunch.