Monday, 14 November 2011

What a day!!!

Today started at 6.00am, I didn't know that there were 2 6o'clocks in 24hrs lol.  We had to be in Manchester Eye Hospital for 7.30am as our daughter was having an operation on her eye this morning.  I had got the directions to the hospital from the AA Route Planner and I was the navigator to hubby who was driving.  He dislikes driving anyway(I can't drive so he had to), and to be on the motorway 6.30am with nearly every other vehicle was a lorry and not actually knowing where he was going didn't put him in the best of moods!  He dropped us off at the hospital and then he had to go all the way home and then to Liverpool to work.  I was stressed out worrying about Elizabeth's operation and Adrian having to go back without any help with the navigation.

Elizabeth was first to go down to theatre at 8.45am and was back on the ward at 10am still groggy and in a lot of pain. by lunchtime she was back to her normal self but still with the pain, and she managed to eat a bit of lunch.   The operation went well but we won't know for at least a couple of weeks if it has been successful.  She was finally discharged at 6pm just as Adrian arrived to take us back home. She is now tucked up in bed with with a large hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and talking to her boyfriend on the phone.  I don't think it will be long before she is asleep for the night.

I'm not looking forward to taking the dressing from her eye in the morning, cleaning it and putting her eye drops in.  :o(


  1. What a stressful day you and your family have had Margaret - I do hope your Daughter's eye operation is totally successful.
    {{{Hugs}}}, Sylvia xx

  2. i hope your daughter has a quick and full recovery with her eye surgery. she's lucky to have you taking such good care of her!! many hugs, margaret.....xoxo

  3. Hi, I found your blog while doing a bit of hopping, lots of lovely cards so I've joined as a follower, hope your daughter recovers well from her eye op.

  4. Margaret sounds like you are having the same kinda stuff as me!! I pray that the eye surgery is successful for your daughter!! Have a great week :)

  5. Hi Margaret, hope your daughter's op has been a success and that you're feeling much less stressed now.