Saturday, 12 November 2011


My paper crafting mojo has gone for a walk and I think it can't find it's way home!!  So I thought I'd start on one of the cross stitch projects that I wanted to do as Christmas presents.  All fairly easy to do and I know they won't take me long to do.  The first one I tried was a cake band kit but the fabric was too narrow for the design.  Never mind I thought, go and cut a piece the right size from the fabric I have at home.  Got halfway through the first item on the band the thread broke.  That's it, I thought, forget that idea and start something else.  The next one was to be worked on 22ct aida which I can usually cope with ok but there was quite a lot of black and navy stitching and I found it quite difficult so I thought I'd redo the pattern for the same finished size but on 14ct instead.  Yippee everything was going ok until I realised that some of the stitches were on the pattern as a dark brown when they should have been green!!!  Managed to sort which should be green and which should be brown.  Then I thought that I'd best check all the other colours and the skin tones made the faces look as though they'd had a spray tan that had gone wrong :o(  So now I feel that I can't be bothered with that one either and I did so want to do it.  I've got one more project left to try so fingers and everything else crossed, prayers said and a lot of hope that this one is ok


  1. Oh Margaret, how frustrating, I so know how you feel (this is Autumn Mist, btw!) I've bought a quite intricate cross stitch, but I've been so ill this week I daren't touch it as I know I'll make a total pig's ear of it and have to undo it all. Prayers going up for this last ditch attempt, though I did have to chuckle a little bit!

  2. I hope you enjoy the other things you are doing and that soon you can get back to paper crafting!


  3. Hi annoying. It happens to me a lot. I can't tell you how many unfinished projects lie at the bottom of my sewing box...once I make a mistake I just seem to lose interest but I keep promising myself that I will 'finish them'...eventually!!!. Good luck with the next project...fingers crossed.

    Hugs Debbie x