Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I've started my Christmas cards today!  I had stamped the images when my friend brought her LOTV nativity stamp round for me to play with and have finally started to colour them.  I'm going to do them in batches and have started off with 9 and have coloured all the skin tone bits.  Tomorrow I'll do the proper colouring bit and maybe start on another batch.

I've been practising using some Flitter Glue that I bought at Port Sunlight from Indigo-Blu along with a beautiful branch and bauble stamp.  You put it on your stamp as though it's an ink pad and then use chalks, mica powders etc and I've used it with my gold leaf.  Think I need a little more practice before I stamp it directly on to the card.

I'll probably not get many challenge cards done whilst I'm doing my Christmas cards as I'm limited as to how long I can sit and craft.



  1. Ooh Margaret, that sounds exciting, I can't wait to see them. I am definitely doing a Christmas card every week next year so I don't get caught out towards the end.

  2. Margaret, I use a Sans Serif kit which I got here:

    There is a freebie version too to try to see if you like before you purchase any scrapbook programme. I have advanced onto the Professional version now (£19.99) so it is not too expensive.