Thursday, 8 September 2011

I have a craft room, hooray!!

Ever since we moved into this house and Michael left home it was my intention to turn Michael's room into a craft room for me.  But due to changes in circumstances it stayed as Michael's room for when he came to visit.  As it's such a small room and that Michael is now married with a baby daughter it isn't big enough for them to stay over as a family.  They go to a local hotel now to sleep but spend the days with us.
So, at long last (9 years later than planned lol), my craft room is now a reality.

You can tell that I've got tonnes of paper by the number of files there are 
plus you can't see the bottom shelf which contains files full of card!!
The small drawers on the left contain various weights of papers and things like laminating sheets and Safmat

This table is only a temporary measure as the plan is to get a kitchen worktop which will go from the wall on the left , under the window and to the wall on the right on the next photo

Hopefully I'll get some shelves or a small cupboard on this wall.
The chest of drawers contain most of my rubber stamps, my ink pads, A3 card, envelopes 
with  poly bags and a few bits and pieces that I haven't found a place for as yet

Adrian put a metal shelving unit in the wardrobe to house my boxes full of all sorts of things, some of which I'd forgotten I had!  See the hidden stash of chocolate lol.

Maybe now that my Bind-it-All is more accessible I might get round to making some more journals and things. 

I hope that you've enjoyed the guided tour around my "craft studio" hehehe


  1. Oooh, thanks for this, I love a mosey round people's work areas. No chance of this for me, I'm afraid, only one bedroom! It looks really well organised. I think you deserve it after such a long wait, though.

  2. Wow! Your craft room is fab and it´s 100% bigger than my craftroom ( I just have a small carboard and two boxes). I have to wait about 15 years befor I will get a room for crafting as my youngest son is 5 years old ;o) Have a lovely day Margaret! xx Bianca

  3. Oh my, Margaret... what a lot of crafting goodies you have. I gave my cuttlebug and loads of templates away a good few months ago plus lots of other crafting goodies to make room at my new house. I don't have a craft room in the new house and there isn't a lot of cupboard space (just loads and loads of loft space and I don't fancy climbing in and out of the loft)!!! I still have a good few storage boxes with paper and stamps which I may have to give away yet also (once I get around to unpacking) but not sure yet. The loft isn't high enough to make into a room either unfortunately. My digi scrapbooking is perfect 'space' wise as it takes up the room of my computer and no more. I store all my digi kits on pen drives which are also very easily stored. However, I do really love the fact that you have this wonderful space. You use it well too and create some wonderful projects.

    Wendy M xx