Monday, 1 August 2011

ProMarkers and Letraset

How many of you have seen the new pens, Spectrum Noirs, on Create and Craft recently?  Yet another "must have"?  One of the selling points has been the fine nib which is finer than the ProMarkers.  If you're like me and have got a lot, or all, of the ProMarkers you probably can't afford to buy into another colouring craze.  But I've just found another product from Letraset which will be ideal for me and maybe you too.  You can buy a pack of three fine nibs which fit over the existing pen nib.  At £1.99 for a pack of three they'll give a fine nib at a fraction of the price of a new set of pens  :o)

You can check them out at the link on my side bar as well as all the Letraset products.  I can highly recommend the LetraTac too.  It's ideal for edge to edge adhesion on intricate paper craft detail

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  1. Yes, I saw these on C&C, and there's a big ad for them in my mag this month, but I think I'll stick with my beloved Promarkers. I think they have a bigger colour range at the moment anyway. I saw a Youtube video for the fine nib the other day and will definitely get one. Thanks for the link.
    P.S. Any news?!