Sunday, 21 August 2011

Meet Bronwyne Ann

She is absolutely adorable!!  It was so hard to leave her, she will have changed so much before I see her again.  Bronwyne is the double of Michael when he was born.  Everyone says that she's like her Dad even down to the hair style lol.  Michael had dark hair too when he was born but it changed to a white blonde after a couple of months.  It will be interesting to see if her hair changes or stays this colour more like her Mum

 I look as though I'm asleep too but I wasn't, honest!


  1. Congratulations...what an adorable bundle of joy!

  2. What a beautiful baby! I'm sure it was hard to leave them. Luv Trish x

  3. She's beautiful!!!! Congratulations.


  4. Margaret, I can´t stop looking at sweet little Bronwyne Ann! She is so very beautifull and cute I totaly understand it was very hard for you to leaf her again! You have to ask your son to send a lot of photos from Bronwyne Ann. You can see how she do grow eafen if you are so far away this way. I will show baby photos on my blog in March as my cousine will have her first baby. :o) xx Bianca

  5. Oh Margaret... what a little cutie. She is adorable. I am going to be a granny in February. The baby is a girl too. Can't wait :D

    Wendy x