Friday, 1 July 2011

Staying with the decorated canvasses

This is a cross-stitch project that I did a couple of years ago for a friend's birthday.  I mounted the fabric to an 8"x8" canvass rather than a frame and glass as it was going over to the USA  The designer is Berni Parker and it is one of her "Ladies Who Lunch" series of pictures.  There wasn't a sentiment or title for the pattern but I added my own.  Along with two friends from the USA we always referred to ourselves as "The Three Cuties", a long story which I won't bore you with.  Suffice it to say that we longed to live the ladies who lunch lifestyle lol


  1. Goodness, it looks like a printed card, I had to enlarge it to see the stitches, it's so beautifully done. Where do you buy the canvas, and how do you attach the cross stitch?

  2. Bought the canvas from Rymans or the Works, I can't remember. I used Pinflair Bookbinding glue to attach it to the canvas. A bit awkward to explain but I'll give it a try :o)

    It was an 8"x8" canvas so I measured the fabric to be 14" square (the 8 of the flat canvas and then on each side,1" for the depth of the frame, 1" for the flat of the frame on the back and 1" going inside of the frame.I marked up the centre point on each side of the canvas , on the back and did the same with the cross-stitch using thread. I then pinned it into place on the flat of the frame, pulling the fabric taught. Unpinned one of the sides and painted the side of the frame with the glue and then pinned it back in place. Did the same with the other side. Went back to first side and repeated as before on the flat back of the frame and again with second. Finished the sides by glueing the fabric on to the inside frame, trimming into the fabric where necessary. The glue is fast drying so it's ok to work on alternate sides. Did the same for the top and bottom but pleated the fabric to make neat corners, like a hospital bed corner lol and trimmed where necessary.

    Now did that make any sense to you ? hehehe :o)

  3. I thought this was a pic also! You are one wonderful crossstitcher!! The is really fabulous!!