Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Oh dear!

We had booked our holiday a few months ago and when we arrived on Saturday it was to find that we were booked in for NEXT week!!!!!!  Luckily there was a room available for us to use so we didn't have to start walking the streets looking for somewhere to stay.

The weather has been a mixture of showers and sunshine and the rain hasn't deterred us from doing what we wanted to do.  Tomorrow night we are going to the Stephen Joseph Theatre to see Dear Uncle which is a rework of Chekhov's  Uncle Vanya, adapted and directed by Alan Ayckbourn.  We've seen some amazing productions at the SJT and would recommend that you pay them a visit if ever you're in the area.

On the downside I'm in a great deal of pain with my back and it's looking doubtful that we'll be staying until Saturday.  We will probably head for home on Thursday :o(  .  I hate it when we have to come home early from holidays as Adrian really needs a decent break away from work and home.  I feel so guilty but he say's that it's no holiday for him watching me struggle to get through the day even though I try my best not to show it.

Off to read some of my book, One Perfect Day by Lauraine Snelling.  It's about two families one of which tragically loses a child and the other family who has someone who receives the donor heart.  A bit of a tear jerker but it's very well written and I want to see how they all cope.  I've got the tissues at the ready and some choccy to help me through it :o)

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  1. Are you in Scarborough then? Sorry to hear you're in so much pain, and hope you feel better soon. I'm sure even a few days away will make a big difference to Adrian, hubby had last week off and didn't want to go back to work, even though I gave him loads of jobs to do around the place!