Thursday, 21 July 2011

I made it......

...back home, all in one piece!! It was a bit of a nightmare journey home, the car found every bump and and pothole all the way :o(     I've had a lie down on my own bed which felt really good as it's firmer than the one in the hotel.  I'll be taking things very easy over the next few days to see if everything settles down. If not I'll have to go to see my GP if only to get the fall registered on my records. I'm on max pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication so there is nothing else that the doctor can give me at the moment. Now that I'm back to my own bed I might manage more than 4 hours sleep tonight. I sure hope so! Many thanks for all the messages and emails, I really appreciate your best wishes and prayers. Hugs to all :o) xx


  1. Glad you made it home...take care!

  2. Glad you got home safely even though it was a bit of a nightmare. Be such a relief for you. Take it easy. Luv & Hugs Trish x