Saturday, 18 June 2011

Quick and easy cards

These cards are ones that I made and sold in sets of five and they were A6 in size. 

 The top left in this photo were made by stamping the daisies and putting post-it notes on them, one lined up with the base of the stems and the other approx 1cm below.  I then used Brilliance ink pads to colour the space between them and used the same ink pads to colour the daisies.  I've also done similar cards by stamping the border.  You can get some lovely results using only part of a stamp repeated along the gap. 
 I coloured the cardstock on the top right cards with Brilliance ink pads by dabbing the pad directly onto the the card.  I then cut a strip of paper to us as a border, a good way of using up scraps of  papers, and added a single layer topper. 

The bottom cards were again using the Brilliance ink pads.  This time I stamped the teddy topper, masked it off and then repeatedly stamped the background with a daisy stamp.  The only part of the stamped image that was coloured was the flowers and I used the same colour as the background stamp

These cards were done in the same way as the above cards but using dye based inks as opposed to the Brilliance pads.


  1. These are lovely, very inspiring! Thanks for the tips on my blog, too, I shall certainly give that a go.

  2. These cards are lovely... they look so fresh and bright. I wish I could turn out cards as fine and as quickly as these.