Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Father's Day Card

At long last I've downloaded some photos to my laptop so I can now share this one with you.  As you can see it's a Father's Day card which I made for my FiL.  Wish I was still able to make a card for my Dad but he passed away 21 years ago.  I miss him all the time and especially now with making a card for Bill.  Anyway, more about the card.

The papers are from a masculine special edition from Making Cards.  They do lovely papers.  I used to subscribe to the magazine but I've got so many papers that I haven't yet used I had to cancel it.  I must learn to use my papers and not just sit and admire and stroke them!!  The toppers are from Kanban.  These were perfect for Bill as he can't go shopping without buying a shirt.  He's got loads that are still in their wrappers, can't leave a bargain on the shelf or hanger lol

1 comment:

  1. A very smart Fathers Day card...I agree with you on needing to use the papers I have...although they are pretty to look at :)