Sunday, 26 June 2011

Armed Forces Day

Here in the Uk yesterday was Armed Forces Day and across the country were many celebrations acknowledging the work of our forces past and present.  Adrian and I went to Blackpool yesterday and there were many retired personnel from both World Wars. They have a small shop for Help The Heroes and there are a lot of photographs and memorabilia on permanent display. Outside the Winter Gardens there is a large square which is used for outdoor displays etc.  There was a Spitfire, tanks and other vehicles with people from across the present day forces including a marching band.  It was lovely to see so many people talking to them and children loved being able to see the equipment close up

This photograph was taken at Michael's wedding with his colleagues who had just returned, Michael included, from Afghanistan.  They are all waiting for their next postings which, hopefully, will not require them to go back to Afghanistan for a good while as they have done 3 terms already.


  1. What a lovely photo Margaret. I so hope they don't have to go back to Afghanistan too. I have 2 cousins there at the moment.

    Wendy M

  2. Lovely photograph! I made a batch of cards last year for a cafe that was raising money for Help For Heroes, so glad I was able to take part. Hope these guys don't have to go back to Afghanistan for as long as possible.