Friday, 17 September 2010

A short break away

Hubby and I are going away for a few days. Don't post too much or I'll never catch up on everyone's creations let alone make my own cards for challenges. Have fun, see you when we get back :o)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Thank you!

I have just spent a very pleasant hour or so looking through all the blogs that I follow. What a lot of talented people you are! So much style and inspiration.

I've not done any crafting this week, it's been a strange week really. I've been a bit "not with it" as this week was the first anniversary of my Mum's passing and also the 13th for my wonderful Nana. I have both my Mum's and Nana's wedding rings and I went to a local jeweller yesterday and picked up the new wedding band that I've had made by combining the two rings. It's very plain but it's gorgeous. I'm going to have their names engraved on the inside. I've also had Mum's eternity ring adjusted to fit me so I'm wearing them both on my right hand. I'm sure that I'm going to wear them both out just by looking at them lol, lovely memories!

So on top of the events of the week I went to the doctor as the tablets that he gave to me last week, as a replacement for the ones that he gave to me the week before, were also giving unpleasant side effects. I think that I'm going to have to make do without as these are just the same. Back to the doc's on Monday!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Make it Crafty

I've come across this lovely tutorial blog that has challenges combined with the tutorials. I'm definitely going to be following this site, hopefully I'll learn something along the way lol

Friday, 3 September 2010

Hi everyone

I've not been blogging so much over the last few days. I've been busy with life stuff, sorting out some of my craft stuff and I've put it on ebay to see if I can sell it. Trouble is anything that I've sold has been for 99p One person paid 99p for a pair of hand knitted socks that cost about £7 for the yarn!!I won't be putting anymore socks on there starting at 99p, I'll have to upgrade them to a higher starting price. All my stuff has had an average of about 5 views but I put a load of items on last night and already 3 of them have had over 40 views each! Do you think that I might get more than 99p lol

I have also been busy making cards. I used to subscribe to Making cards magazines and I've got loads of the free papers and vellums so I've set myself a task of using up all the sheets that I've cut into. I have some that haven't had anything used from them so I think that they'll be going on ebay too. I'm also going to make up some paper packs from all of my papers, I must have thousands of sheets which I'll never use up even if I was making 50 casrds a day! I might as well try and recoup some of the pennies (and pounds lol) even if I don't get much for them. After that my next clearout will be my rubber stamps. I've also got a lot of cover gifts of stamps that I'll never use so I'll put them on too I think. I wish that the cover gifts were only one or two images of a decent size rather than the lots of little stamps which they are.

Anyway, on to the cards that I've made. These are all made with the Making Cards papers with just a little bit of extras from my stash. I've done the matting and layering on the square cards in the first two photos using my Promarker pink carnation pen. How I'm loving using them to co-ordinate my accessories on my projects. I've won a £10 voucher for Joanna Sheen's site and I think that I might be tempted by the tub of white flowers so that I can colour them myself :o)

I'm going to be putting these cards on ebay too. You never know but someone, somewhere might like them. They will be individually listed as I don't want to be selling them at two or three for 99p, I'd sooner give them away than do that.

Right, off for some lunch and then to ebay!