Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I wish I'd had my camera!

Just to set the scene the weather here in the UK is very cold and snowy.

Along came the postman with his woolly hat pulled right down to his eyes and his scarf pulled up around his mouth. All that was visible was his eyes and nose. The only other visible flesh was his LEGS!!!!!! He was wearing shorts!!! Now I know we breed them strong up here in the north west of England but shorts in a snow storm???? Crazy or what? Can't wait to see what he's wearing tomorrow lol


  1. Hi Margaret, now that would have been a sight to behold!! Hope you are well. Luv Trish x

  2. Aren't some people mad? But my youngest son is the same, he'll be out somewhere (possibly even playing golf) in a T shirt. I am wearing six layers when I go out!