Saturday, 11 September 2010

Thank you!

I have just spent a very pleasant hour or so looking through all the blogs that I follow. What a lot of talented people you are! So much style and inspiration.

I've not done any crafting this week, it's been a strange week really. I've been a bit "not with it" as this week was the first anniversary of my Mum's passing and also the 13th for my wonderful Nana. I have both my Mum's and Nana's wedding rings and I went to a local jeweller yesterday and picked up the new wedding band that I've had made by combining the two rings. It's very plain but it's gorgeous. I'm going to have their names engraved on the inside. I've also had Mum's eternity ring adjusted to fit me so I'm wearing them both on my right hand. I'm sure that I'm going to wear them both out just by looking at them lol, lovely memories!

So on top of the events of the week I went to the doctor as the tablets that he gave to me last week, as a replacement for the ones that he gave to me the week before, were also giving unpleasant side effects. I think that I'm going to have to make do without as these are just the same. Back to the doc's on Monday!


  1. That's a lovely idea to do that with your mum and Nana's rings. I know when my mum and Nan died I just wanted something that was special to them, like a cup they loved or a scarf they liked, do you know what I mean? Hope you get the tablets sorted soon, there's nothing worse, is there, plus spending ages travelling to and from the doc's and sitting in the waiting room. I'll be praying for you.

  2. Thank you for your prayers, I'll let you know how I get on at the doctors :os

    I had been wearing the two wedding rings together but one was too big and the other a bit too small, so that kept the big one from falling off. So I thought that if I was getting them both resized I might as well get them remade into one. They were both 22ct gold so the new ring is a beautiful colour. :o)

  3. I´m wearing the earrings of my husbands Nana. She was a very kind and nice lady and I loved her nearly the same as my own Nana. She gave the earrings to me bofor she died as she want to be shure somebody love them as much as she does. The earrings remember me on the many hours we are sitting in her kittchen with a cup of tea and a good talk. I´m glad my own Nana is still alive. She ist 83y.o. Someday I hope to have such a lovely remember on her as you have with the both rings on hour hand. xx Bianca