Monday, 23 August 2010

Why is it that.......

.....I've never seen the HUGE spider that's just run at me from the other side of the room before?? I'm absolutely terrified of them and nearly threw the laptop in the air!!! Hubby didn't hear me screaming but my daughter did so went to wake him up. My super-hero came downstairs and managed to kill it. HOORAY! It's leg span was 4" yuk yuk yuk

I really, really hate this time of year when they all decide that they want to live indoors. I wish I knew where they are coming from and I'd do my best to keep them out. Looks like tomorrow will be spent picking all my bags and boxes off the floor, moving what furniture I'm able and spraying round the room with fly spray. I do feel sick now :o( Looks as though the time has come for me to start going to bed when hubby does as I will be so scared of there being more, especially that size.

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