Thursday, 5 August 2010

The trouble with rub-ons!!

Autumn Mist said...
Can I just ask, when you do rub-ons, what do you use as a tool to transfer them to the card you'll be using? I tried the lolly stick supplied but it was useless, and have tried everything from the tip of my letter opener to a blunt pencil, which just marked the card I was using. Sooooo frustrating!

I usually use the lolly stick that comes with the rub-ons. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get them to release from the carrier film and it can spoil the look of the card. I start rubbing at one corner making circular movements and as soon as I can see that it is starting to release I gradually move the lolly stick away from the corner into the centre. I have had some where the rub-on hasn't wanted to release at all. I have tried a couple ways to make it easier. If I've used part of the sheet before, and know that I'm likely to have a problem with it, while I'm constructing the card I've left the pack on top of a radiator if I've got the heating on and then applying it to the card when it's warm. If the heating isn't on I place the rub-on where I want it to be and use my heat gun to warm it up a bit but you have to be careful that it's not too close or it can all shrivel up!!! The warmth can soften the adhesive on the rub-on making it easier to remove the film.

If you've still got some left from a "bad" sheet have a play with the heat gun and see if it will work for you


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