Monday, 16 August 2010

Still no crafting

I went to see my GP this morning about my back and he said that I need to up my dose on the Tramadol to the maximum but the last time I went on the max dose I had a seizure (not had one since) so he didn't want to take the risk of inducing another one. After loads of test and scans they never found a conclusive reason for the seizure. The only thing he can do is to give me another pill to take which should work well with everything else that I take (Tramadol, parcetamol, diclofenac and amitriptyline) and I have to go back and see him next week to see if it is doing ok. I had to take one today, two tomorrow and three on Wednesday and keep it at three from then on. I took my tablet at lunchtime and by 2.30 I couldn't keep my eyes open so went for a nap and I was still asleep when Adrian and Elizabeth came home from work at 6.30!!!! I usually only get 5-6 hours sleep because of the pain in my back so I hope that I can sleep tonight. I wonder if I'll sleep all day tomorrow since I'll be taking the next dose in the morning. :o)

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  1. Margaret, I feel so sorry! Take care of your stomage if you have to take this many pills!

    Thanks for your usefull adwise about storing digistamps on your computer. I just start to use digistamps and thats why I´m a litte bit helpless I just have about 10 and it´s time to start a storing systhem for it. I wan´t to to it like you have told me.

    Get well soon!

    xx Bianca