Monday, 30 August 2010

My cards

Whenever I show my cards, at craft fairs, church fairs or here on line, I get told how lovely my cards are and, sometimes, I get told that I should open a shop and sell my creations as I could "make a fortune". Why is it then that I can't even sell my cards for 99p each on ebay?????????? I can't sell the cards and I can't sell stash that I no longer want and there are only so many cards that I can give away to charities. Even they're loaded down with handmade cards. I'm really fed up now surrounded by stash and I don't know what to do with it all. Maybe I should have a bonfire


  1. Oh dear, don't be down. I know what you mean, though, I wouldn't buy handmade cards off ebay, because of the p&p. One of the shops I like has loads of cards for sale, at 10p each, so they're hardly going to want to buy mine, are they? I need to pray about it, because it's not a cheap hobby. Sometimes I think I should just stick to making them for family and friends, but I'm so enjoying the creative side I can't stop at the moment. I am going to put everything together and do a car boot sale next June. Thinking of you, though, I hope a solution presents itself soon. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, HAVE A BONFIRE!!

  2. Oh! No, no no bonfires please! I think we all have the same problems. The internet and especialy ebay is not a good place for sale handmade cards because there are always people who sale cards for a price much less than the material costs. I start to sale my cards first to my mums friends. They love it and pay 3 to 4 Euro for each card beacause they know who made it. After some month totaly foreign persons start to ask for cards because the got one of my cards, ore have seen it anywere. Actually I sell cards for around 50€ each month. It´s not what I spend for it but it´s a good pocketmoney. I wish to sell my cards on a carboat sale one time. Don´t worry, your cards are fab and crafting makes you happy so I think this is most important! Hugs Bianca