Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Feeling better lol

Well after yesterday's moan I feel really perked up !!! Guess who won the fabulous Blog Candy from Katiejane at ? yeyy it was me lol

Yesterday was a horrible day all round and I felt like getting rid of everything crafty including my cross-stitch and knitting stash. As Autumn Mist said on yesterday's post about praying about her cards and crafting I thought that my crafting was the one thing that I have never seriously given to the Lord in prayer and so I closed my eyes and prayed there and then. The next thing I did was to have a look on Katiejane's blog to see if she had chosen her winner for the blog candy. I can't believe the speed that the Lord has answered my prayer!!!!!!

He must have a plan for my life, other than raising funds for, that includes my crafting ability. I will carry on making cards and gifts ,and try to sell them, while waiting on the Lord for His guidance and try not to get too downhearted about it all :o)

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