Friday, 4 June 2010

Something different

I made this Biscornu pin cushion for my son's girlfriend. She lives in Germany and after it had been a couple of weeks and she hadn't mentioned receiving it I emailed her to say that I'd sent her a small gift and would she let me know when it arrived. She was due to change jobs around that time so left her forwarding address with her employer to forward it on to her. A couple more weeks went by and still no gift arrived. I emailed her again to say that I'd make her a new one but she said not to, it was bound to turn up sooner later. About half an hour after the latest email I heard the postman delivering the mail and went to pick it up. Guess what it was? The parcel I'd sent to her returned saying that there wasn't enough information in the address!! I double checked it and it was right. I didn't post it out to her again, I decided to wait until my son came home for a holiday and give it to him to take back to Germany with him. Luckily she liked it lol


  1. That's lovely. What does your son do in Germany? I speak german and love all things german.

  2. My son is in the army and based in Germany