Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Monkey Business

I don't know how I manage to keep posting before I've added any text!

I'm entering this page into the Pinkelephant challenge #13 with hidden photos

Blackpool Zoo has an enclosure that you can walk through and a few species of small monkeys are allowed to roam free. The Squirrel monkeys are very inquisitive and will quite happily try and get into bags to see if they can steal anything. I have loads of photos of them that I've taken over the years and had wanted to scrapbook them but didn't want to overload the page with photos. I decided to make a cheque book style mini album for six photos, cutting them to fit the pages. I then made a slit in the page where I wanted the cheque book to go. The pages are bound together with raffia ribbon. The monkey in the bottom right corner is from a Nellie Snedden stencil set "Nellie's Zoo" and I've used chalks to colour him. I printed the wording from my pc with just a bold outline in black and then used colour pencils to make animal print and jungle images on the letters. I really enjoyed doing this layout

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  1. Hi Margaret
    lovely to hear back from you, Garswood, like I said small world and my Mum lives in Neston now , used to live in Heswall. We lived in New Bridge close , very close to you . I went to Cansfield high.
    I too am a Christian, I even work at a Methodist church.
    Love your scrapbook page, we often visit Chester Zoo , we are members, love the animals.I did 3 big scrapbooks for myself then some for family, just cards manly now and we sell a fair few for church funds.
    stay in touch and take care. Happy crafting. janex