Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hidden treasure

I'm putting this scrapbook page into 2 challenges
craftycreations challenge #73 to tie in with the shine theme
thepinkelephant scrapbook challenge#13 which asks for hidden photographs

Following on from the scrapbook page that I did with the pirate theme for my husband I've done one for the children. The lid is lifted slightly so that you can see where the photos are hidden, it does lay flat down so that it looks shut. The journalling is on the underside of the lid and says that when the children were little and we went to Scarborough for our holidays we used to take them to the Mere. There was an island in the Mere and to get to it you had to ride on the pirate's galleon. Once on the island they were given a stick and they had to dig around in the sand looking for dubloons. The "pirates" would help them and would drop the coins where the children would find them. Sadly the island is no longer used for buried treasure but the ship is still around and does short trips along the coast.

I printed the map and the treasure chest from the computer. I screwed the map up and straightened it out a few times to distress it. The chest was printed onto photo paper and I used chalks to colour the wood. It took a while to build up the colour but it was worth it as it has a lovely sheen and feels like polished wood. I also used the chalks on the background. The pirate was in the show guide for one of the craft exhibitions that I'd been to a few years ago, I knew that I'd use him one day! A liberal helping of gems, string pearls and a tiny padlock and key finish it off. The lid lifts up and the photos then come out of the chest concertina style


  1. Good grief, how clever! I am finding this scrapbook malarky a lot easier than I thought. Yours is excellent, though.