Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Another fine mess!

Today has been another "no card" day. Housework was crying out to be done, especially the washing and ironing. I did have a play with my Martha Stewart scoreboard making embossed patterns with straight lines. Hopefully I'll be able to used it for a card shortly when I'm a bit more proficient with it.

While you're here why not click on the Crafts U Print button to the right and have a look at the fantastic range of downloads that are available.

I made this for a friend's birthday last year. It was the first time that I'd used monochrome and I was quite pleased with the resulting card. Unfortunately the photograph doesn't show the level of decoupage that I used.


  1. Hi Margaret,
    Hope the house is sparkling clean by now- these things really interfere with our creativity LOL!!!!
    Trish x

  2. I too, have to avert my eyes from the gorgeous papers spread out on my desk and go and do the ironing this afternoon, with only the tennis to cheer me up! Never mind, these things have to be done, don't they? Love the card, btw, very unusual.

  3. P.S. I could do with being able to email you, as I don't understand how that Crafts U Print works. If I pay 80p for a sheet, what exactly will I be getting? I was looking at alphabet letters.