Sunday, 20 September 2009

Our works in progress

I thought that today I'd show you what Elizabeth and I are working on. The cross stitch is mine and the knitting Elizabeth's. I've done almost a quarter of mine in about 2 years! I'm not usually that slow but with it being for myself I keep putting it to one side and doing other things instead, like knittig a shawl lol. I'd show you that too but there are too many stitches for me to be able to spead it out without it coming off the needles.
Elizabeth started her scarf on Friday night. I had to rescue it quite a few times but today she's not made one mistake, woohoo! Her friend, Laura, is coming on Wednesday night for our "knitting club", all three of us. She'll be starting her scarf using Big Softy yarn and size 15mm needles. I think she might need a support frame to take the weight of the needles lol

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