Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Let's Knit Mura shawl

Well I've finished my 2ply shawl from the above magazine. To say that it looks nothing like it's supposed to is an understatement lol. My scalloped edge doesn't have any scallop at all. The pattern said to cast of knitwise which I did but I think it must have meant to cast off knitwise keeping in the pattern. I'm going to undo the cast off row and retry it doing the pattern. It's not going to be easy as the yarn I've used is a mohair and silk mix. Once I've done that I'll need to block it and press it. Hopefully it might look a bit more like it's supposed to then. The amount of yarn required was 100gm approx 1180 metres, mine was 100gm and 1200 metres so I should have a little bit left over. Wrong!!!!! I have lots left over, in fact I have 76gms left, enough for 3 more shawls, as if. I really think I might have got this pattern completely wrong. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has knitted this and how it turned out.

I've got lots of paperwork to do tomorrow re my Mum's affairs (she passed away two weeks ago :o( ) so I'll try to get the shawl sorted and photographed at the weekend.

Bye for now xx

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