Saturday, 1 August 2009

Will this work?

Here are some photos of work I''ve done for
Fingers crossed it will work this time!
The Wedding Place Settings were made using 5cm cubes of birch wood.
I was really pleased with the finished result.

This Easter cross tag was done using peeloffs (as a stencil),
3D glaze and acrylic paints.
Also used my own shakey handwriting!!!!!
I think I'd best leave you with these pictures for now.
I've had that many problems trying to put my pictures on my blog
that I was all ready to throw the lappy through the window lol
Luckily Spyder was there to encourage me to keep on trying, many thanks Lyn,
although I've no idea what I've done different this time but at last
I've managed to beat the Blog Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Margaret xx


  1. These look really lovely,Margaret.

  2. Oooh, utterly gorgeous!

    Oh hi :o) Found you whilst blog hopping, I'm glad I did - I will be checking back for more updates.

    Julia x