Monday, 20 July 2009

I'm still here!!!!

Why do I forget that I've got a (very small) blog? I must get into the routine of posting more often. I think I start every post with a variation on this theme :0(

We've just come back from and eight day break in Scarborough. I love it there, so wish that we lived in the area. I can dream, until my bubble gets popped every Wednesday and Saturday when I don't win the lottery lol
Had a lovely surprise when we got home, we've got baby frogs for the very first time. They are sooooo cute and tiny! I was going to put some photos on of the frogs but I can't move them to where I want them to be in the post. I wanted them to go after this paragraph but I can't cut them from the top of the post and move them here. I'm sure I've done this before so maybe it's another IE 8 no-no. If I can figure out how to do them I'll post them on
Bye for now
Margaret xx

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  1. Yes, You must come and blog and add some of your fantastic cards and other makes!!