Sunday, 28 June 2009

What a couple of months!!!

I'm glad to see the end of June approaching. May and June have not been good in our household. My brother died suddenly in May, only 56. At the same time our daughter, Elizabeth, who has a very rare eye disease, had been having lots of tests and a four week course of steroids. She was not pleased as they made her face very swollen. Two weeks ago she went into hospital to have a detached retina operated on. Should find out on Tuesday if the op was a success. Your prayers will be very welcome.

All topped off with the wireless router getting fried in a thunder storm. Bought another one, same make - Belkin, but it wouldn't connect so returned it to PC World. Bought another one and that was the same. Elizabeth was rather put out to say the least. Eventually found out by searching the net that Belkin are no longer compatible with AOL!!!!!!!!!! Wish they'd put it on the box. Got a Netgear and everything was easy-peasy. A whole week wasted thanks to Belkin.

Hopefully July will be a turnaround and the sun will shine for the rest of the summer.

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