Saturday, 30 May 2009

Oh what a glorious day!

Today the sun shone which meant that a planned barbeque could take place. A friend was 50 yesterday and her family planned a surprise party for her today. The only thing her hubby had to do was keep her away from the house until 3.30-4.00pm while their three children cleaned the house, went and did loads of shopping for food, baked cakes, made sandwiches etc etc. So did the hubby complete his one task? No, failed completely and arrived back at home about 2.45 to find the back garden being transformed with a gazebo, tables and chairs and loads of balloons.

Anyway the party went well with lots of good company, and food lol. The only downside to the day was the fact that Everton got beat 2-1 by Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.

Feel absolutely shattered now so think I'll sign off and go and get some sleep

Margaret xx

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